Kansas Board of Barbering
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The Kansas Board of Barbering was established by the Kansas Legislature on February 27, 1913 as the State Board of Examination and Inspection for Barbers.


To be recognized as an effective and efficient Fee Funded Board for Protection of the Consuming Public and Supervision of the Barbering Industry.


The Mission of the Kansas Board of Barbering is to protect the health and welfare of the consuming public through the enforcement of barber statutes and regulations regarding sanitation in the barber profession; to ensure only qualified and well trained barbers and barber instructors are licensed; to ensure all shops and barber colleges are properly licensed and operating effectively; to provide supervision and support for the industry, including ensuring effective regulations are in place to allow the Kansas Barber Industry to be State of the art; balancing fee, fines and costs; communicating effectively with the profession and the public; and, ensuring the Board and Staff are knowledgeable and well qualified.

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