Kansas Board of Barbering
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Single Document Containing Barbering Statutes

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Individual Statutes

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65-1808  Practice of barbering regulated by act
65-1809  Definitions
65-1810  Barber schools and colleges; approval by board; requirements; students, application, fees, license; unlawful acts
65-1812  Qualifications for licensure as a barber; temporary license
65-1813  Same; persons authorized to practice outside state; examination exemption, conditions; reciprocity
65-1814  Application
65-1815  Examinations for licensure; times, places, content and required grade; reexamination; applications; seminar permits
65-1816  Exemptions
65-1817  Fees; determination and collection; limitations; duplicate licenses
65-1817a  Disposition of moneys; board of barbering fee fund
65-1818  Display of license
65-1819  Renewal of license; annual requirement; expiration dates; fees prorated, when; restoration of license
65-1820a  Nonsense, non renewal, suspension or revocation of license; grounds; board orders requiring remediation of violations
65-1821  Same; reinstatement
65-1822  Unlawful acts; penalties
65-1824  Powers of board
65-1825a  Rules and regulations; sanitation standards
65-1826  Investigation; fees of witnesses and officers
65-1827  Entry and inspection
65-1828  Penalty for violations; enforcement of act and sanitation standards; procedure
65-1831  Confidentiality of documents, records, investigation information
65-1832  Performance of duties by board; additional compensation prohibited
65-1833  Declaration of legislative intent
65-1834  Constitutionality
65-1835  Licensing barbershops; fees; compliance with sanitary standards required
74-1805a Board of barbering, creation, appointment, composition, qualifications, oath, terms, chairperson, vacancies; administrative officer, appointment, unclassified service, salary, duties
74-1805b Official designation
74-1806 Meetings of board; records; compensation and expenses; rules and regulations; employees
74-1807 Inspection and enforcement

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