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Kansas Barber License Examination

To be eligible to take the Kansas barber license examination, an individual must be a graduate of a Kansas barber college that has been approved by this Board to provide barber training.
The application must be completed in its entirety. Any missing information will cause the application to be considered incomplete. 

  • If your Kansas barber license has been expired for more than three years, you MUST apply to re-examine.  
  • If you were/are licensed in another state that does not have the same or comparable requirements for licensure, you MUST apply to take the examination. 
  • If you have previously examined within the state of Kansas, but failed any portion of the examination, you MUST reapply to examine again. 

Kansas Barber License Examination applications can be located under the Forms tab on our website. 

Barber Examination Aids

In order to pass the Kansas Barber License Examination, a minimum score of 80% must be attained on each of the three portions of the exam.
The barber license examination consists of the following.

  • Practical examination.  This is performed on two live models.  It is the responsibility of the examinee to arrange for their own models.
  • Written NIC Barber Styling Theory exam. *NOTE: this portion of the examination is taken at a separate site on a separate day.
  • Written Kansas Rules and Regulations Examination.

Barber-Examinations-Information Information regarding directions and practical procedures to be posted on the back wall at time of practical examination and a summary of the written examinations.

Barber-Exam-Kit-List  Examinees are required to bring the tools and supplies listed in the Exam Kit List. All tools must be clean and disinfected prior to examination. All disposable items must be new.  

NIC_Barber-Styling_Theory_CIB_ENG_Eff.-6.1.2018-v.3.1.20.f   The NIC Barber Styling Theory written examination administered during the Kansas Barber License Examination is a 110 question, multiple-choice examination over all aspects of barber theory. This link to the Candidate Information Bulletin provides a summary of the various barber theory areas covered in the exam and provides a few sample questions.


Barber Instructor Examination Aids

This is a temporary modification to the Instructor exam. An overall score of 75% minimum is required for passing.  Please review the attached information regarding the materials needed to bring and have prepared for the exam. 

written exam_ Instructor

instructor supply list

Instructor practical exam


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