Kansas Board of Barbering
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 Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of barbering education does the State of Kansas require to become a licensed barber?
How often are the State of Kansas barber exams given?

 The board shall conduct examinations for applicants for licensure to practice barbering at such times and
places as the board shall determine; but examinations shall be given not less than twice in each year.

How do I become a barber instructor?

You must sign up to take a separate exam to become an instructor.  The examination consists of the Kansas Rules and Regulations examination, presenting two class plans, writing two essays and taking a practical examination given by our board members.
*NOTE: The application for Instructors Exam can be found under the FORMS tab above
Barber Instructor Examination Schedule and Procedures

How do I go about opening a new barber shop?

You will complete a new shop application and attach the new shop application fee of $80.  After your application and fee have been received, an inspection will be scheduled.

*NOTE: the Application to Open a New Shop can be found under the FORMS tab above. 

How do I find out information about the Barber Schools in Kansas?
Click here to view a list of the approved Kansas Barber Schools.
How can I obtain a barber license if I am a licensed Kansas cosmetologist or a barber in one of our nation’s military services?

You will need to complete 500 hours of additional education at a licensed Kansas barber school. Then you will need to submit an application to take the next barbering examination.

Industry related minimum additional 500 hour curriculum breakdown

How do I file a complaint with the Board of Barbering?
Click here to visit our forms page and download the document for Filing a Formal Complaint. All complaints are required to be signed and notarized.
How do I start a barber school or barber college?

Contact the Board office at KBOB@ks.gov and request a list of the documentation required to be considered for opening a Kansas barber school or college. 

How many licensed barbers are in Kansas?

Apx. 1,600

How do I verify that a barber, shop or instructor holds a current Kansas License?

Contact the office at the Kansas Board of Barbering 785-296-2211 or email KBOB@ks.gov if a certified letter is needed to send to another State.

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