Kansas Board of Barbering
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Administration Regulations for Barbers

Article 25-Sanitary Regulations for Barbers

Agency 61 Regulations

Administrative Regulations for Barbers by Article

Article 1. – Sanitary Rules and Regulations Governing Barber Shops, Schools and Colleges and Public Rest Rooms in Connection Therewith
61-1-1 When open for inspection.
61-1-2 Ventilation; water; sanitary condition; disinfection; closing shops.
61-1-3 Water supply; lavatory; waste disposal.
61-1-4 Expectoration; use of cuspidors prohibited.
61-1-5 Sterilization of tools and instruments.
61-1-6 Shaving brushes and mugs; use prohibited.
61-1-7 to 61-1-13 Revoked

61-1-14 Mandatory use of neck strips, or towels, sanitary.
61-1-15 Cleansing hands before serving customer.
61-1-16 Use of shop for living quarters or business purposes prohibited.
61-1-17 to 61-1-18 Revoked
61-1-19 Persons suffering from contagious or infectious diseases not served.
61-1-20 Infectious or contagious disease; when examination of barbers required.
61-1-21 Use of tools or instruments on corpses or outside shop; disinfection.
61-1-22 to 61-1-23 Revoked
61-1-24 Temporary permits issued; permits and licenses to be conspicuously displayed.
61-1-25 to 61-1-26 Revoked
61-1-27 Head rests
61-1-28  Pets
61-1-29 Opening of a new, relocated or change of ownership of any barber shop in the state of Kansas.
61-1-30 Clean towels, discarding, supply of.
61-1-31 Lump alum, styptic sticks or pencils, powder puffs, sponges or finger or towel bowls; use prohibited.
Article 2. – Reserved
Article 3. – Schools; Requirements
61-3-1 Approval of school by state board of barber examiners
61-3-2 Minimum requirements for course or instruction
61-3-3 Subjects required in course of instruction
61-3-4 Permit to operate a barber school or college; annual fee; proof of financial responsibility
61-3-5 Qualifications for administrators or managers of schools or colleges
61-3-6 Revoked
61-3-7 Minimum requirements for opening a school or college of barbering
61-3-8 Minimum equipment
61-3-9 Application for admission
61-3-10 Qualifications for students
61-3-11 Library
61-3-12 Positions shall not be guaranteed
61-3-13 Students to receive no fees for services; tuition and other charges to be paid to school or college
61-3-14 Designation as a school or college
61-3-15 Clothing during school hours
61-3-16 Labels on bottles and containers
61-3-17 School hours; attendance; examinations
61-3-18 Graduation
61-3-19 Records
61-3-20 Teaching staff
61-3-21 Postgraduate course
61-3-22 Schools or colleges ineligible for a permit to operate a barber school or college
61-3-23 Revocation of permit
61-3-24 Eligibility to take registered barber examination
61-3-25 Revoked
61-3-26 Night classes permitted
Article 4. – Issuance, Renewal, Revocation and Suspension of Certificates of Registration
61-4-1 Revoked
61-4-2 Renewal of licenses and certificates of registration

61-4-3 Potentially disqualifying civil and criminal records; advisory opinion; fee.

Article 5. – Applications
61-5-1 Limitation on filing date.
Article 6. – Reciprocity
61-6-1 Reserved
61-6-2 Barber who qualify for reciprocity
Article 7. – Fees
61-7-1 Revoked
61-7-2 Fees

Sanitary Regulations for Barbers

Article-25 Sanitary Regulations for Barbers
Sanitary Regulations by Number
28-25-1 Definitions
28-25-2 Personal cleanliness
28-25-3 Infectious disease
28-25-4 Towels
28-25-5 Headrests and shampoo bowls
28-25-6 Bottles and containers
28-25-7 Liquids, creams, powders and other preparations
28-25-8 Neck strips
28-25-9  Instruments and supplies
28-25-10  Disinfecting non-electrical instruments and equipment
28-25-11 Disinfecting electrical instruments
28-25-12 Physical facilities
28-25-13 Prohibitions
28-25-14 Rules and licenses posted
28-25-15 Enforcement

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